Percept Pictures to release 'Mission Possible'

Marathi Cinema has a good news! Percept Pictures, India's premiere and the only fully integrated entertainment company, has taken on the distribution rights of forthcoming Marathi film 'Mission Possible' .

Directed by Pushkar Jog, 'Mission Possible' is obviously a big budget film by Marathi movie standards today. The film walks a new path by offering a complete entertainer with action, emotions, style, voguish music, dance & romance all rolled into one, backed by an intriguing murder mystery. Something that's not commonly seen in Marathi Cinema. The film attempts to enthuse the youth to watch Marathi Cinema with slick production values, modern sets, exotic locations with a touch of glamour. The highlight of the film is a song "Swapna Sha……" sung by Swapnil Bandodkar, which is the first Marathi song shot in scenic Ladakh.

Percept Pictures has been a leader in acquiring & distributing films with fresh & distinctive content. Known for identifying the right film for the right audience with focus on multiplexes, their previous releases Page 3, Malamaal Weekly etc. speak about their success . The company also carried out the release of 'Khuda Ke Liye', a historic event, being the first Pakistani film to be released in India over last four decades. Animated & Children films catering exclusively to the kids like 'Hanuman', 'My friend Ganesha', 'Makdee' etc. have been their offerings for children. They are the one to bring fascinating Hollywood blockbusters such as Hancock, The Mummy, Spider Man 3 etc. to the Indian audience

"Mission Possible" being a trend setter, would be promoted on a large scale. The star cast of the Film will be visiting various cities across the state such as Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Sangli etc; 15 to 20 days prior release. So, look out for the stars of this film in your city.

The reason for Percept Pictures to present "Mission Possible" is simple. This is what the company feels, "It is very different from the kind of Marathi films that we see nowadays. Moreover, the film has a fresh & youthful treatment. We are confident that this film would not only be well appreciated by the masses but also be a trend setter taking the Marathi Film Industry altogether to a new high." Percept Pictures plans to market and distribute this film as the biggest Marathi language film till date. "The release of this film will simultaneously cover all the belts of Maharashtra, Goa and Marathwada in Nizam circuit. The marketing reach will be across all mediums starting with TV, Radio, Outdoor (Hoardings, OOH screens, Bus shelters and Bus panels - all across Maharashtra), Internet and Press," says Yusuf Shaikh, Head of Acquistion & Distribution, and Percept Pictures.

Apart from directing & acting in the film, story & lyrics of the film have been penned by the multi talented Pushkar himself, who is also singing his own songs in the Film.

The strong storyline is supported by excellent performances by the entire cast comprising of talented Manisha Kelkar & Saii Tamhankar, who play the lead heroines supported by noted actors like Sharad Phonkse, Niranjan Namjoshi, Astaad Kale, Shantanu Moghe, debutant Amit Kalyankar & Mohan Joshi with Ganesh Yadav in a guest appearance. The Music is directed by the Saii- Piyush duo & the cinematographer(DOP) is Sanjay Khanzode.

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High Court orders Screening of Marathi films mandatory in Mumbai

Gone are the days, when Marathi films were released in only two or three single screen theatres in Mumbai. In the recent past, some of the Marathi films even saw the multiplexes opening their doors, looking at the overwhelming response they witnessed. But, the majority of the single screen theatres were reluctant to release Marathi films. Indeed, Marathi films have been doing a good business posing as a big competition for the Bollywood, especially in Mumbai. No wonder, some of the Bollywood film distributors started blocking all the theatres in Mumbai , preventing the release of Marathi films and the theatre owners only encouraged such unethical practice. This was a deliberate move to only kill the popularity of Marathi films.
Such a step motherly treatment to regional cinema received a strong opposition from Bangalore, when the South Indian Film Federation warned the theatre owners against blocking all the theatres with a new Bollywood release during the first week. It had only prevented the regional cinema to find theatres for release.And, their protest and warning did help to curb such an unprincipled practice. In a place like Mumbai, the theatre owners were only taking advantage of the neglect by Maharashtra Government and the tolerance of Marathi film makers towards this issue. There is already a government resolution of 1968, making it mandatory for theatre owners to screen a minimum of 112 shows per year. But, the theatre owners only disobeyed it and had moved to court recently challenging this resolution.
However, the latest verdict of the Bombay High Court has come timely giving a great relief to the Marathi film industry. As per this ruling, all single screen theatres across greater Mumbai will have to screen at least 44 shows of Marathi films every year. This will have to be implemented in such a way that at least for four week in a year they will have to screen 11 shows of Marathi films per week, that too between 12 noon and 9 pm. Isn't that a great victory for Marathi film makers ? MMW takes this opportunity to congratulate the entire Marathi film industry on this happy occasion; but at the same time expect quality films, so as to keep the audience with them.
There were arguments and counter arguments before the division bench of Justice gave their ruling. Some of the arguments in favour of theatre owners also went to the extent of saying that Marathi people were more keen on watching Hindi films. But, the sensible division bench passed the most welcome verdict which goes in favour of Marathi film industry. Nobody should take Marathi people for granted. They are admirers of good cinema. If there are bad Bollywood films, they always turn their back to them; but if there are good quality films no matter whether in Marathi or Hindi, they never miss them. Marathi film makers should take note of this audience psychology and offer something new and different to attract good crowd. And who says, Marathi films are only watched by Marathi people ? In the recent past, Marathi films, released in multiplexes witnessed 50% of non marathi audience. Further, prints of Marathi films released with English sub titles, have received multiple audience even at international level.

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'Maziya Priyala Preet Kalena' on Zee Marathi

Ektaa Kapoor is all set to launch her first Marathi venture o 'Maziya Priyala Preet Kalena' on small screen. The so called eternal love story will be televised on Monday to Saturday at 8 pm w.e.f 14th June 2010 on Zee Marathi.
This TV serial is a pure love story of an innocent NRI girl and a lovable boy belonging to a middle class family, portrayed by fresh faces Mrunal Dusanis and Abhijeet Khandkekar. The cast also includes Sneha Kulkarni, Prasad Jawade as new faces from 'Maharashtracha Superstar', a popular acting reality show of Zee Marathi. Along with them renowned theatre artistes Sanjay Mone, Suhita Thatte, Sumukhi Pendse, Amita Khopkar are playing major roles.
Talking about the first marathi venture of Balaji Productions, Ekta Kapoor has revealed that she was not really concerned about the cast or the lavish sets; but all that mattered to her was the strong storyline. On opting for newcomers, she says, "I would prefer a hard working guy or a girl, who is not so popular, but has that passion to work hard and possesses the art of perfection."
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 • Nitin Desai to make a film on Raja Shivchhatrapati

After producing a mega TV serial 'Raja Shivchhatrapati' , popular art director Nitin Chandrakant Desai is now all set to launch his new film 'The Great warrior Raja Shivchhatrapati' The movie will be in English and Hindi languages. Mr. Desai has big plans for his mega movie, as he will be seeking the help of best technicians from Hollywood and Bollywood. He is also keen to utilize the services of Gulzar, the well known lyricist and would be meeting him soon. More details about the movie would be revealed on 24th June officially.
At present Mr. Desai is busy releasing DVD's of his popular mega serial ‘Raja Shivchhatrapati’ and at the same time also getting ready with the telecast of another historical TV serial 'Shrimant Peshwa Bajirao Mastani' on ETV Marathi from 14th June 2010.

Before the actual work on his film begins, he would produce one more serial based on the life of Sambhaji Maharaj, with Dr. Amol Kolhe playing the title role. Dr. Kolhe, will also play the role of Raja Shivchhatrapati in his film. To give more realistic look to his film, Mr. Desai proposes to shoot important scenes at the actual locations of the historical forts in Maharashtra, for which purpose he has applied for permission. The film's budget is expected to run into cores of rupees.

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The Making of 'Haapus'

Producer Sanjay Chhabria seems to have mastered the Marathi film making and distribution process. Through his previous two films ‘Mi Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy’ and ‘Shikshanachya Aaichha Gho’ he made it a point to touch the hearts of Marathi audience. It was either by way of presenting a strong protagonist defending himself against insults or making a middle class father raise his voice against the age old and corrupt education system; so that the audience could co relate themselves with these characters. As a perfect businessman he not only paid his attention on script and direction, but also focused on marketing and promotion, which was lacking in Marathi film industry. Recently, in a TV interview, Mr. Sanjay made it very clear that the script and director are the real heroes of a successful Marathi film. “ Unlike Hindi films, which become hit because of a hero, the success of Marathi film is more dependent on a good script and fine direction”.
After being associated with Mahesh Manjrekar, he now joins hands with Abhijeet Satam, who is making debut as a director through their jointly produced film ‘Haapus’. Abhijeet was previously associated with ad films.With this film, he also turns a co-producer. ‘Haapus’ made with a budget of 1.5 Crore, with almost an equal amount kept in reserve for the film’s promotion, both of them seem to be confident about their film’s success. As a producer, Sanjay did not only handle the finance and promotion side, but also kept himself creatively involved in every aspect of production, including presentation of the script. “Emotion is the key to be used very cleverly in the script of Marathi films,” says Sanjay. And, when we look at the script of ‘Haapus’, it reminds us about the difference of opinion between father and son, when it comes to making business of Mangoes.
The story of ‘Haapus’ thus revolves around Gurav family with the head of the family - Shivaji Satam selling their crop through a middleman as per traditional practice, but when his son develops a new variety of crop, he decides to sell the same with direct marketing. This is where the conflict begins between father and son. In comes a school teacher, who has moved into their village and the story takes a different turn. In the story, you also find the two twin daughters of Mr. Gurav, who add some hilarious moments into the screenplay for a change, with one of them in love with an auto-rickshaw driver, only to give another twist to the story. “ In all, it is a package of entertainment for one and all,” that’s what the director feels. The film has been shot at some of the natural locations in picturesque Konkan, busy streets of Mumbai and inside the Vashi fruit market, to give a more realistic look.
But, as quoted by them in the film’s campaign, to know what is ‘Haapus’ all about, you need to not only taste it, but also enjoy it. With popular stars like Shivaji Satam, Subodh Bhave, Makarand Anaspure, Madhura Velankar, Pushkar Shroti, Sulabha Deshpande, Mrunal Deshpande, Manasi Magikar, Vidyadhar Joshi, Swarasha Jadhav, Sunil Dev & Dnyaneshwar in the cast and well known singers like Avadhoot Gupte, Vibhawari Apte, Urmila Dhangar, Rahul Saxena, Amruta Subhash, Anjali Kulkarni, Anuradha Marathe, Suvarna Mategaonkar, Pranjali Barve rendering their voices on the music of Dr. Salil Kulkarni, the film has certainly raised the hopes of the viewers. Now, all eyes on 25th June, when the film has its grand release all over Maharashtra.

                                                                    ***   ***   ***

'Mumbai -Pune -Mumbai' - A film based on only two characters
A love story with only the two lead characters sounds quite unique in Marathi films; but, Satish Rajwade's new film 'Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai' is one such film with a difference.
The film's romantic pair of Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve want to spend a day on their own without any interference from anyone, in the ambience of beautiful nature. That's the gist of the film.
This 'Mirah Arts Prod. Pvt Ltd' presentation is written by Parag Kulkarni and Satish Rajwade with music by Avinash - Vishwajeet and cinematography by Suhas Gujrathi. The film is due for release on June 11.

                                                                ***   ***   ***